Study Abroad

Technology is global, and JWU’s Study Abroad programs will help you see the industry through an international lens.

You’ll explore technology’s influence in other countries. Why do certain ideas succeed? How big a role does design play in their success? How does culture influence technological innovation?
JWU Study Abroad Program in Paris
You won’t be a tourist: you’ll be living, learning and working in your host city. The mix of academics and day-to-day immersion — learning the language, eating the food, seeing the sights — adds up to an unforgettable experience.

Italy: Italian Design in Florence
Investigate the past, present and future of Italian craft, design and industry at the Florence University of the Arts.

Florence is one of the world’s great medieval cities — and one of its most forward-thinking. You’ll also travel to Milan, explore design museums and survey Italian style.

Gain an understanding for the global tech climate. You can do an exchange program in France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Korea and Sweden.

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