Prominent Alumni Return as Distinguished Visiting Chefs

Michael Bloise ’98, chef of Wish in Miami Beach, and Jason Morale ’02, a pastry chef at the Four Seasons in Houston (previously pastry chef of Wish), experienced what the other side of a JWU culinary arts education is like, when they were honored as Distinguished Visiting Chefs in January.

Bloise, who was selected as one of the country’s “Rising Star” chefs by Restaurant Hospitality, and Morale, who previously worked at Do & Co., a well-respected, high-end catering company, served as guest instructors. Later that evening, Bloise and Morale raised money for culinary scholarships by working with culinary students to prepare a four-course tasting menu for 60 guests.

During their time in the classroom, Bloise and Morale shared their knowledge of using ordinary items to create extraordinary dishes, saying, “Food is first and foremost a science. Once you understand it, you can manipulate it, and then it becomes an art.”