Honors Program Requirements

As an Honors student, you will be enrolled in several Honors courses during your first year, and may choose the Honors Option (H-Option) for other courses.

You will continue to enroll in Honors courses and contract for H-Options throughout your term of study.

You must receive a grade of B or better for your work to count toward the required course total.

Transfer Courses Transfer courses may be used to satisfy general education requirements. However, they do not count toward the final number of courses required for the Honors designation, unless the course was specifically designated as an Honors course and was taken at a member institution of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Business, Hospitality, Technology and Arts & Sciences Students If you are seeking a bachelor’s degree, you must complete 12 units of Honors study to receive the Honors Scholar designation on your degree/transcript.

If you are seeking an associate's degree, you must complete six Honors/H-option courses for the designation.

Culinary Students If you are seeking a bachelor's degree in the College of Culinary Arts, you must complete 16 Honors/H-option courses to receive the Honors Scholar designation on your degree/transcript.

If you are seeking an associate's degree, you must complete a total of nine Honors/H-option courses for the designation.

These 4 units include Honors courses or H-Options conducted in traditional courses or culinary labs. (H-Option requirements for traditional courses and culinary labs differ.)

Advisory Seminar & Directed Academic Experience The required courses for your Senior Thesis or Capstone Project may be used to satisfy the required course total, but only if the thesis or other capstone project is completed and approved by the Honors Advisory Council.

General Requirements Maintain contact with the Honors Office throughout your course of studies at Johnson & Wales University. You are responsible for notifying the Honors Office of your current address and contact information, graduation dates (Associate's and Bachelor's), academic absence, internship leaves or any other change in your regular schedule.

Your are responsible for fulfilling the required number of Honors courses and H-Options to successfully graduate from the Honors Program. Maintain communication with the Honors regarding the number of courses completed their graduation.

Upon graduation, you must fill out an "Application for Graduation" at the Honors Office in order to receive the Honors designation on your diploma.

Internships If you do not intend to complete Honors work while on internships, file a "Co-op/Internship Waiver" form in the Honors Office prior to the start of that term. 

GPA You must maintain a 3.4 GPA or better to continue in the Honors Program. If you fail to maintain this GPA, you will be placed on Honors Warning for one term. If you fail to attain the 3.4 GPA after that term, you will be placed on Probation. Students whose GPA remains below 3.40 for a third term will be Dropped from the Honors Program. Only one warning and one probationary term are allowed in the entire undergraduate program.