Demetrius Pinder ’04, President, RiDE Group


Demetrius Pinder began working at RiDE Group -- the company he currently owns and operates -- while still a technology student at Johnson & Wales. While studying in the School of Technology, Pinder began doing freelance design work, and eventually decided to make his growing web design business a full-time endeavor, as the product was continually improving and there was an increasing demand for his services.

Nuts and Bolts Design is the first of the three businesses that currently populate RiDE Group. As his skills and business acumen improved by his senior year, Pinder expanded the RiDE project to include Get Noticed First, an application for creating websites to post portfolios, references and background information for resume building. Pinder’s third offering under the RiDE banner -- The Tech Techs -- launched in 2007, offering computer repair and networking services.

Following graduation, Pinder used Get Noticed First to create an online resume and portfolio for an interview. He used knowledge learned from his JWU career education to initally secure the interview, but took the concept further and created his own web portfolio. He was offered an internship, which eventually led to his first full time job in the industry.

Looking forward, Pinder hopes to work with other colleges and universities in developing new technology programs for students.