Career Advice: Ask a Hardware Engineer

“When companies like Samsung, Motorola and HP are developing new phones," says Johnson & Wales University alum Ted Bennett, "chances are they will be paying us a visit.”

Ted leads a team that creates the blueprints for application processors at Marvell Semiconductor Inc. — including one for a new tablet students can use as a textbook.

JWU alum Ted Bennett '05

“It’s great to see how companies use our chips in designs and other cutting edge technologies in development," Ted says.

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Coolest part of your job?
One of the greatest parts of my job is getting to work on, and see, high-tech devices long before they are released. Just seeing what is new in the field motivates me and makes me think how to make things better.

Your Intel internship - how did that help you?
Because of JWU’s internship programs and alumni connections, I got an internship at Intel. (I was involved with the design, research and testing of cellular processors, and took on schematic design review and update projects).

This really jump-started my career. I was able to prove myself, and got offered a full-time position.

Favorite JWU professor?
Dean Frank Tweedie was one of my first professors at JWU, my advisor, not to mention a great guy. He really helped decide my education and career path.

Your technology career milestone?
Becoming a manager. I was a senior engineer, but this new challenge meant responsibility and decisions for the entire team.

Favorite website?
Between working in the handheld business and personal interest, I spend a lot of time on