Dean of Culinary Education Receives AAC Award

imgKarlGuggenmos170x150Karl Guggenmos, WACS Global Master Chef and University Dean of Culinary Education, was recently honored with the AAC Northeast Regional Chair’s Award at the 2007 ACF National Convention in Orlando.

The Regional Chair’s Award is bestowed upon those who have made considerable contributions to the culinary vocation and are recognized for their participation in the American Academy of Chefs.

In addition to holding a MBA and a bachelor’s in food service management from JWU, Guggenmos is also an active member of the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Culinary Federation. His involvement and work in the culinary profession extends even beyond the boundaries of this nation, as a certified German Master Chef and a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, an international cooking society located in Paris, France.

With more than 19,000 members across 230 chapters, the American Culinary Federation has established itself as the leader when it comes to offering instruction, certification, apprenticeship and educational resources in the culinary field. With the helpful aid of the ACF Culinary Team USA, the recognition of this society continues to grow internationally through the World Association of Chef Societies, which boasts more than 8 million members worldwide.