Dean of Culinary Education Announced as New Certification Commission Chair

imgKarlGuggenmos170x150Karl Guggenmos, WACS Global Master Chef and University Dean of Culinary Education, has been appointed as Certification Commission Chair for the American Culinary Federation. He has been an ACF member for more than 20 years, a German Master Chef, and an American Academy of Chefs fellow. Because of his strong commitment and respect for the culinary educational system, Chef Guggenmos was a natural choice to spearhead this commission.

ACF Board of Directors announced the ACF would be seeking outside accreditation for all certification levels to raise the certification standards to the highest degree possible. The first step in this process is the formation of a certification commission which functions as an autonomous body to the ACF and serves as the decision maker for essential certification activities. This commission will develop new strategic initiatives in accordance with the recommendations from the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).

"I'm honored to be chosen by the ACF to head up this commission since it will impact culinarians throughout the country and possibly across the globe,” says Guggenmos. “Formal education and certification are intricately aligned, and this commission provides a means of encouragement for people to seek professional certification for validation of their professional competencies."

The Commission consists of a diverse talented team, from educators to pastry chefs to large company VPs to small restaurant owners. Commission members will be tasked with the responsibility of oversight for all ACF certifications as well as provide the leadership to begin the certification accreditation process.