What We Offer

The Gender Equity Center’s director and student staff members are available to talk with students seeking support, programming assistance, referral, or general information.

Crisis Assistance
In the case of a crisis, we urge students to contact Counseling Services, Safety & Security or call 911. Keep in mind, however, that we are an additional source of respectful support outside an immediate crisis. If a student has been harassed, assaulted, and/or is the victim of a hate crime, we can offer support, assistance with reporting, and help identifying resources. We’ve also created a page where students can go to learn more about gauging consent, as well as campus, local and online support and resources in the event of an assault.

The Gender Equity Center will make every effort to respect an individual’s privacy and confidentiality. However, we cannot guarantee confidentiality in specific circumstances. Although we may be obliged to report some information to the appropriate authorities we will only disclose necessary personal information to the entities we are required to involve.

Support for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Students
Students struggling with sexual identity, coming out, gender identity, and/or gender expression are encouraged to visit the center for support. The Center offers individuals to connect with, referral to resources, educational programming, and respect for a person’s unique identity. Students also can connect with the LGTBQ Resource Center in Counseling Services.

Resources and Referrals
Our library features books, videos, resource files, brochures, videos and magazines for student and faculty use. We also have a referral lists for resources within the university and the community.

Programming and Projects
We offer large and small scale programs on a variety of topics, including: feminism, gender stereotypes, heterosexism, global women’s issues, gender in the workplace, sexual harassment and assault, dating violence and healthy relationships. Our programming integrates nationally known programming models, adapted for our JWU campus community. The Center’s director is certified in MVP: Mentors in Violence Prevention and Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy.

Tweet Out Loud (TOL) conversation groups are held throughout the year in the Gender Equity Center’s Wales Hall lounge and residence halls. TOL is designed as a facilitated peer discussion group regarding a shared experience. TOL groups have been held for those who identify as women, those who identify as men, and for individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or questioning sexual orientations.

Since 2008, the Gender Equity Center has hosted an annual V-Day JWU celebration. Events include a student-led production of Eve Ensler’s acclaimed play The Vagina Monologues, educational programs, and V-Men workshops. Want to get involved or learn more? Follow our V-Day Facebook page.

Contact the Gender Equity Center at 401-598-1138 to discover our upcoming programs, or to suggest a program that you’d like to see us offer.