At Ritz-Carlton, Alum Teaches Gold Standards of Hospitality

How do you teach excellence at one of the most elite hotels in the world? For alum Jill Guindon-Nasir, it’s simple: draw on your JWU education."

"JWU is one of the top schools we recruit from," Jill says. "When I worked at our DC hotel, 7 salespeople were JWU grads.”

“The Ritz Carlton loves how JWU grads come out with the real experience, because we can hit the ground running.”

JWU alumnus Jill Guindon-Nasir ’97 is senior corporate director, global learning solutions & organizational development at the Ritz-Carlton Leadership CenterHotel Leadership Alum
Jill Guindon-Nasir ’97

Senior corporate director, global learning solutions & organizational development
The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

Hotel Employee > Leader
When she graduated, Jill moved to DC to help with two Ritz-Carlton openings, oversee movie premiers and work with dignitaries, CEO’s and celebrities.

But she wanted to share what she’d learned. Now, Jill trains clients in the “Gold Standards,” top-tier methods of service that apply across different countries.

She also with Fortune 500 companies, helping them improve their customer satisfaction and become more profitable in the process.

Think Global
Jill’s advice to JWU students? Think global. “Our company is doubling in size, and most of that will be done internationally,” she says.

Ritz-Carlton has facilities around the world, from China to Moscow to Egypt. “You have great opportunities that could take you all over the world. View the service industry not just as a job, but as a career."

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