A concentration is an opportunity to pursue, in depth, a subject or area of special interest to you. Beyond the enrichment a concentration provides, your transcript will reflect commitment to a particular area, which may be impressive to prospective employers.

All students enrolled in Hospitality College programs must complete a 3-course concentration during their junior and senior years.

Each concentration is comprised of 3 concentration electives. When completing a concentration, you may not use required core courses (or their equivalent) from within your chosen major. Additionally, you may not apply the same course to different concentrations.

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Declaring Your Concentration
You should consult with your faculty advisor in order to determine which concentration(s) will best further your career goals. You will then need to formally declare your concentration(s) by completing a concentration form in Student Academic & Financial Services.

Transfer students who transfer in 3 or more hospitality elective courses are not required to use remaining electives toward a concentration.