Student ID

Your JWU student identification (ID) card lists your name, student identification number and residency status. The card is your all-purpose pass, providing

  • Access to all JWU academic and administrative buildings
  • Access to on-campus events
  • Free rides on JWU buses and any JWU sponsored transportation services
  • Use of your pre-paid meals or meal plan at all JWU campus dining centers

Getting your ID
You can have your JWU ID card waiting for you when you arrive on campus. Just complete the Identification Information form (44K PDF) and email the form, along with a digital photograph.

Your ID card will be produced during student orientation over the summer. During fall term start, you can take photographs and get your ID at

  • Harborside Campus: Harborside Village Community Building
  • Downcity Campus: Student ID Services, Student Services Center, 274 Pine Street, 1st floor

Digital photographs submitted with any headwear are not acceptable. Photographs that are too small, not clear or otherwise deemed unacceptable will not be used. The university reserves the right to request another photo.