International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation is a week-long session to help you acclimate to college life — and life in the US.

During Orientation, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet your international student advisor
  • Go through the process for maintaining your Visa status
  • Learn about university services
  • Meet other new students

You’ll also have a chance to talk with a current JWU student (in most cases someone from your home country or who speaks your native language), so bring your questions about life at JWU!

Orientation wraps up with a classic American tradition: our annual pizza party.

ESL Placement Testing
Check your acceptance letter to see if you are required to take the English language placement test, which is used to determine whether or not you will need to take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

Placement testing takes place on the following dates prior to the start of term:

  • Fall 2014: September 2-3
  • Winter 2014: November 25
  • Spring 2015: March 3-4
  • Summer 2015: May 27

Make sure to plan your travel dates so that you arrive in time to rest and take the exam. Students who obtain a qualifying ESL Placement test score will go on to take the Institutional Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

If you miss your test date, you will automatically be placed in Beginners level ESL. Review English language requirements and ESL courses.