Learning Teaching, Teaching Cooking

JWU alum Debbie teaches a group of aspiring chefs

Debbie Silveira ’97, ’03 MAT not only learned how to cook at JWU; she also learned how to teach.

Now Debbie’s a culinary arts instructor in the California high school system. And she says her lasting relationship with JWU propelled her into the teaching world.

“JWU has always been there for me, from my days as a culinary student, to today as a culinary arts instructor,” she says.

Cooking Up a Curriculum for Culinary Instructors
Debbie also works directly with our faculty to help develop curricula, channel scholarships and build partnerships within the community.

It’s a great position for Debbie, who wants to connect students with JWU, and knows firsthand what JWU’s programs have to offer.

“JWU gave me the self-confidence I never had in high school. For the first time I felt like I was important, not just another student on a roster. I was an individual that really mattered.”

Advice for Future Culinary Students
Debbie also counsels her students about career choices. In particular, she tells them about a few classmates who couldn’t handle the academics beyond the cooking skills required of future chefs.

“A student who is self-motivated, hard working and academically prepared will do well at JWU,” she says.

“Not all my students will end up at JWU. But I truly believe those who do will be provided the tools to become successful individuals.”