Strengthening the Experience

Johnson & Wales University will create an exciting learning community offering programs that are distinguished by their relevance, excellence and rigor as well as a high quality of instruction. Outside the classroom, student life will be characterized by opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

To accomplish this aspiration, the university will achieve these goals:

GOAL Attain and maintain excellence in all academic programs by

1. Undertaking improvement-oriented reviews of all existing programs to measure and ensure their continued relevance, excellence and rigor;
2. Promoting, identifying and sustaining signature programs on each campus and in each college and school;
3. Reconstructing robust bachelor’s degree programs in the College of Business and The Hospitality College to reflect the elimination of two-year programs in these colleges;
4. Pursuing specialized accreditation for the College of Business;
5. Developing a JWU food safety gold standard in the College of Culinary Arts;
6. Partnering with Career Development in the re-engineering of experiential education;
7. Encouraging and facilitating innovative program development and new delivery mechanisms;
8. Renovating M.B.A. programming to ensure its relevance, excellence and rigor.

GOAL Foster high-quality instruction to enhance student learning by

1. Developing and implementing a program for faculty evaluation and development aimed at promoting student learning;
2. Continuing to systematically support innovative pedagogies and practices aimed at enhancing for active-learning;
3. Enhancing technological support for instruction including the initiation of e-learning.

GOAL Develop and implement a comprehensive research-based student retention program on each campus by

1. Developing the research function necessary to support campus retention planning;
2. Undertaking a comprehensive retention audit on each campus;
3. Fashioning a vigorous retention plan for each campus.

GOAL Cultivate a campus culture that enhances the personal development and civility of all students by

1. Strengthening academic partnerships with student affairs;
2. Incorporating best practices in the development and implementation of campus life programs, including student participation in the formation, development and evaluation of those programs;
3. Developing and implementing programs that reflect the diversity of our institution.