The purpose of the university’s Attendance Policy is to help you develop a self-directed, professional attitude toward your studies during your university experience and to maximize your educational opportunities.

Regular class attendance is essential to your success. It provides fundamental educational value and offers the most effective means for gaining command of the concepts and materials of your course of study. Further, attendance allows for interaction in class discussions and activities which are vital to your own education and that of other students.

Accordingly, responsibility for class attendance belongs to you, the student. You are expected to attend all classes, arrive on time, remain for the entire class period and report to class fully prepared with textbooks and required materials.

To meet these expectations, you must arrange course schedules that minimize conflict with other commitments, including personal commitments and participation in athletics, work or other university-sanctioned events.

Absences Excessive absences in a course (generally, missing more than 25% of scheduled classes sessions) may have a significant negative impact on your grade in the course at the discretion of the instructor. Individual faculty members define the specific role that class attendance plays in the calculation of final grades for each course.

Consult the course syllabus and course instructor for specific policies on attendance and make up work within a course, as some courses and experiences have more stringent attendance requirements.

Course Enrollment
For the purposes of financial aid and verification of enrollment, you are considered enrolled in the term if you are in attendance by the second class meeting. For online courses, you are considered enrolled in the term by meeting the first stated assignment.

If you do not meet these criteria, you will be withdrawn without academic penalty from the course (as never having attended) and, when appropriate, issued a tuition adjustment in accordance with the tuition and fees credit policy.

It is your responsibilityto notify Student Academic & Financial Services of any courses that you wish to drop from your schedule, as well as any intent to leave the university. Discontinuing attendance or notifying an instructor does not constitute an official course or university withdrawal.

View additional attendance policies for labs, internships and other courses.