Our Mission

Counseling Services strives to help students cope more effectively with personal, emotional and situational barriers to learning; to improve students’ adjustment to unavoidable stress; to integrate students into the university’s academic and social milieu; and to contribute to their personal growth and development.

In order to accomplish these goals, our staff assume a variety of roles, acting as therapists, consultants, program planners, workshop facilitators and trainers. We are committed to meeting the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including differences of culture, race, age, gender, physical and cognitive abilities, spirituality and sexual orientation.

Our objective is to provide a safe place where students can explore their problems as they adjust to, and cope with, the pressures of college life. We honor the diversity and unique strength of every student as we work together to find solutions and opportunities for growth.

Additionally, we are committed to helping students cope with emotional, behavioral, interpersonal and/or environmental challenges that may impede their success in learning. Our practice philosophy focuses on understanding persons within the context of their environments and seeks to build solutions from each individual’s strengths. We strive to improve our services and welcome your suggestions.

Coping with Homesickness

College can be a life-changing experience. Adjustment challenges and feelings of homesickness are common. Here are ten strategies to help you work through it.  read more