Research and Diligence Lead to DegreeWorks Advising System

Johnson & Wales University is continually investing in technology to simplify and streamline tasks allowing our staff and faculty to further concentrate on students and their JWU experiences. A wide cross section of university contingents expressed a need for a curriculum counselling tool that allows students to plan their years of academic study comprehensively. Research and diligence led to the October 2008 implementation of DegreeWorks, a new curriculum advising system.

“DegreeWorks has features that allow JWU faculty, staff and administrators alike to better meet overall student expectations, and help result in timely degree completion for more of our students,” says Provost Designate Veera Gaul ’91 M.S.

An interactive, user-friendly interface with colorful graphics, DegreeWorks allows users to personalize educational plans. Intuitive and accessible, it is currently offered to new (and post) fall-term entrants, including graduate students. Continuing education integration is scheduled for spring 2009.

The program combines the current academic planner, course projections and uconnect degree-progress tools into one easy-to use format for all stakeholders. It allows counselors and administrators to track curriculum advice given to particular students, gauging a student’s interest in courses and projected progression.

“Our strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, is a student-centered plan,” continues Gaul. “Other educational institutions that have implemented this type of software have witnessed increased graduation rates through improved communication of degree requirements."