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As official publications of Johnson & Wales University, the course catalogs listed on this page are subject to revision at any time. The university reserves the right to add, withdraw or revise any course, program of study, provision or requirement described within these catalogs as may be deemed necessary.

Occasionally, program requirements will vary by a catalog's printing date. Requirements stated in the edition printed closest to the September enrollment date will take precedence.

You should read and fully understand the rules, regulations and policies described in the catalog and the Student Handbook.

Student Handbook
Student Handbook (online version)

2014-2015  (1.1 MB)
2013-2014 (1.4MB)
2012-2013 (1.3MB)

Current Undergraduate Catalog
Undergraduate Catalog
(online version)

2014-2015 (976K)
2013-2014 (1.4MB)
2012-2013 (716K)
2011-2012 (1.96MB)
2010-2011 (2.48MB)
2009-2010 (4.29MB)
2008-2009 (1.64MB)
2007-2008 (3.70MB)
2006-2007 (3.70MB)
2005-2006 (531K)
2004-2005 (1.06MB)
2003-2004 (594K)
2002-2003 (671MB)

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