Chef Peter Reinhart Receives James Beard Foundation Award

Chef on Assignment Peter Reinhart traveled to New York City for the James Beard Foundation awards on June 8.

As Reinhart toiled over his Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor, the palates of 350 taste testers perfected the recipes. From the anatomy of a wheat kernel and making pre-dough’s to power breads and Bavarian pumpernickel, Reinhart takes readers step by step on how to make the "good for you" whole grain bread taste good.

Reinhart said “In my baking classes at JWU, on first day I challenge my students to fulfill the baker’s mission, which is to evoke the full potential of flavor from the grain. I think it’s the publisher’s job to evoke the full potential from the writer.”

Three of Reinhart’s books have won James Beard awards, including the Bread Bakers Apprentice which won two awards: best baking and desserts as well as book of the year.