Returning to JWU

Students may enroll and leave during any term of an academic year. If you are considering a withdrawal or break in enrollment, review the university’s policies regarding withdrawal from the university (see Attendance).

Looking to return to JWU to complete your undergraduate or graduate study? If returning for the winter, spring or summer term, a readmittance request is not required if you were enrolled for a term in that academic year (if returning for the fall term, a request is not required if you were here for the preceding spring or summer term).

Otherwise, you must complete a readmittance request before you can participate in course registration.

  • Students approved for readmittance will be assessed the current tuition rate and are responsible for any changes to their program of study that may have occurred during their period of absence.
  • If the break in enrollment exceeds one year or more, the student’s program of study may follow the requirements as listed in the current year catalog.
  • Due to progress and change in curriculum and industry requirements, undergraduate credits earned 10 years ago or longer and graduate credits earned 3 years ago or longer may have to be repeated (a committee of faculty and administration reviews all readmittance requests for course equivalencies).
  • The readmittance request must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the requested term start date.

Submit your readmittance request.