Placement Testing

JWU requires all new students to complete placement assessments in Math and English before classes begin in the fall. Only students who received transfer/AP credits for both their first level of Math and English Composition will be exempt.

The results will help generate an appropriate class schedule based on your individual skill levels and abilities. Note that:

  • You must have a photo ID (driver’s license) for admittance to the test site.
  • English as a Second Language students take placement tests at a later date.

Math Assessments All students who do not have transfer credit their first level of Math (1002 or higher) are required to take:

  • Elementary Algebra: Untimed
  • College Level Math: Untimed. Issued based on your Elementary Algebra score

English Assessments All students who do not have transfer credit for ENG 1020 English Composition or higher are required to take:

  • Sentence Skills: Untimed. All students issued assessment
  • Writeplacer: Timed essay, 1 hour max. Issued based on Sentence Skills score

Prepare for testing by visiting the Accuplacer website, where you can review sample questions and tips or download their $1.99 iPhone study app to take sample tests. 

Academic Support & Disability Accommodations
If you have a documented disability requiring special accommodations, you must forward documentation to the Center for Academic Support at least two weeks prior to your academic assessment to ensure that arrangements can be made. No accommodations will be provided without appropriate documentation submitted prior to testing.

Foreign Language
Students who are required or want to take a foreign language and have studied French, Spanish or German for two or more years in high school will need to take the foreign language placement exam. Contact Student Academic Services to arrange testing.

Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Management, International Business, International Hotel & Tourism Management, Culinary Arts & Food Service Management, and Baking & Pastry Arts & Food Service Management are majors that require a foreign language. Students choosing to fulfill their Arts & Sciences or free elective areas with a foreign language must also test if they meet the above criteria.