Transfer Policy

The policy of Johnson & Wales University is to help each incoming student transfer the maximum number of applicable credits, minimizing course repetition and ensuring appropriate course selection. Generally, credit is granted on a course-by-course basis for subjects taken with similar content, level and duration, to courses in the intended major. Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor prior to their enrollment to discuss their transfer credit allowance. Early in the first term, students should meet with an academic advisor in Student Academic & Financial Services as well to review their curriculum requirements and sequencing of classes.

Usually, credit is granted for courses with a grade of “C” (with a numeric value of 2.00) or better at another accredited institution. Credit earned in developmental, remedial and refresher courses is non-transferable. Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.s) are also non-transferable. Undergraduate credits earned at JWU or other institutions more than 10 years ago may not be accepted.

Students must submit all official college transcripts from each college attended prior to Johnson & Wales University. Transcripts must be in English (you are responsible for providing official translations, if needed) and should be received 60 days prior to your start date at the university. Official secondary school records must also be sent to Admissions.

Students may be required to enroll in additional courses to meet the specific requirements or prerequisites of the four-year program of their choice.

Transfer students will receive tentative credit for course work completed at another college or university during the first term of attendance only, at which time the student is responsible for furnishing proof that such course work has been successfully completed by submitting official college transcripts. If official transcripts, course descriptions or other requested materials are not received within that designated period of time, tentative transfer credit will be forfeited.

Students transferring from one program to another (change of major), should request a transfer credit reevaluation.