Johnson & Wales University’s employee benefits package includes insurance, paid time off, 401(k) and more.*

We understand that the choices you make when selecting your benefits are important to you, so we devote many of our resources toward developing a competitive, comprehensive package.

Health Insurance
Offered under a university group plan to employees and their dependents (including spouses, same-sex civil union partners, same-sex domestic partners and dependent children) JWU's health insurance plan fully or partially covers office visits, medical/surgical care, hospitalization and prescription drugs. Employees and the university share the cost of the health insurance plan.

Dental Insurance
Offered under the university group dental insurance plan to employees and their dependents, including spouses, same-sex civil union partners, same-sex domestic partners and dependent children, JWU employees can choose between various dental insurance options with two levels of coverage. Employees and the university share the cost of the dental insurance plan.

Buyout Option
An eligible employee, who provides proof of alternate health insurance coverage and elects to waive the university health insurance coverage, may receive a cash payment of $1500 (family) or $750 (individual) annually. Payments are made on a monthly basis and are considered taxable earnings in accordance with IRS regulations.

401(k) Retirement Plan
A defined contribution retirement plan where JWU will contribute up to 10% of an employee’s pay: 6% fixed employer contribution plus a 4% matching contribution.

Life Insurance
Fully funded by the university, JWU's group term life insurance amounts are calculated based on the employee’s pay and are two times an employee’s annual earned compensation or two times base compensation, whichever is greater.

Long-term Disability Insurance
Employees are provided with group Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD), which is fully funded by the university. The insurance plan provides employees with loss of income protection if they become disabled, and the amount paid is based on the employee’s monthly earnings prior to the disability and provides up to 60% income replacement with a maximum benefit of $6000 monthly.

Short-term Disability Insurance
Employees working in states where there is not a state-run disability program have the option to enroll in an employee-paid, individual short-term disability program. JWU's plan provides loss of income protection if employee becomes disabled. The benefit varies based on the employee’s individual choice in the plan.

Educational Assistance Programs
JWU provides a range of programs to encourage employees to enhance their existing skills and/or education. As an added benefit, several programs may provide educational benefits to spouses, same-sex civil union partners or same-sex domestic partners and children of employees. The university's educational assistance programs include

  • 100% tuition waiver for enrollment in JWU undergraduate non-online academic programs, available to employees, and eligible family members.
  • 75% tuition waiver for enrollment in JWU undergraduate online academic programs, available to employees 
  • 90% tuition waiver for enrollment in JWU graduate non-online academic programs, available to employees.
  • 75% tuition waiver for enrollment in JWU graduate online academic programs, available to employees.  
  • Tuition Exchange Scholarship program, which provides tuition scholarship at participating colleges and universities, available to dependent children.
  • Professional Development/Tuition Assistance, which includes 90% reimbursement of the cost of tuition for enrollment in educational programs that develop, maintain, or improve upon current knowledge and skills to enhance job performance, or for career development within JWU, available to employees.
  • Doctoral Degrees Financial Support, which provides partial tuition reimbursement, available to employees.

Paid Time Off

Vacation JWU employees are granted vacation based upon years of service:
0–2 years: 2 weeks (prorated in first year of employment)
3–9 years: 3 weeks
10+ years: 4 weeks

Holidays JWU designates and observes a certain number of days as paid holidays each year, and includes holiday shutdown over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Sick/Personal Time This covers absences from work for reasons including sickness, injury or other unavoidable personal situations. The number of sick days is determined based on employment status.

Summer Work Schedule The adjusted summer schedule includes an early release on Friday afternoon during the summer months. Equivalent paid time off is given to employees whose department is unable to participate in the Friday early release program.

JWU provides free parking for employees.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA)
This program provides a tax-savings option for those who incur dependent care expenses. Employees can use a pre-tax payroll deduction to set aside funds to pay for dependent care expenses.

Employee Assistance Program
This program provides the opportunity to obtain a referral and access professional and confidential counseling services for help in dealing with issues that may be causing difficulties at home or at work. It also provides referrals for child care, elder care, financial and legal services.

Fitness Center Access
JWU employees have access to all university fitness centers.

Library Access
JWU employees have access to the university library.

* Please note: participation in any benefit program is subject to meeting eligibility criteria. The university reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate its benefit programs as they apply to all current and former employees.