JWU Challenge: Writing at the Honors Level

What kind of projects will you work in our Honors Program? Read some of our students’ original research papers in Da Vinci's Vault, our annual Honors journal. You'll see the range of social, political and scientific issues you might explore as an Honors student.

2011 Honors Journal (2MB PDF)
2010 Honors Journal (1MB PDF)
2009 Honors Journal (2MB PDF)

Honors Highlights
Obelisk: Ancient Politics and Religion (822K PDF)
Michael DeJager ‘12, Honors Advisory Seminar
The religious and political signifance of the Obelisk in Ancient Egypt.

Uncovering the Truth of Mozart (89K PDF)
Michael DeJager ‘12, Sociology class
Insight into Mozart’s life as a prodigy and his career that revolutionized music.

Multicultural Management: Understanding and Working with Mexicans (967K PDF)
Gilbert Devlyn ‘10, Sociology class 
The cultural complexities of working with Mexicans in the United States, with cultural/sociological advice to help employers work successfully with Mexicans.

Geisha: Behind the Painted Smile (67K PDF)
Lauren Lockard '09, Honors Advisory Seminar
Overview of Japan’s unique Geisha culture and the traditional steps necessary to complete this process.

Traitor: The Story of Robert Hanssen (61K PDF)
Desirae Pearcey '10, American Government class
Robert Hanssen’s life and the events that led him to become the most infamous traitor in the History of the United States.

Fallacy of the Circular Flow Model (461K PDF)
Sheila Enriquez Fasnacht '08, Honors Advisory Seminar 
Argument for the need to replace the Circular Flow Model, based on contemporary economic developments and a historic model.  

Faculty Submissions
Peter the Great & the Russian Military Campaign Against Sweden (238K PDF)
James R. Moulton, PhD
This article examines the Russian military campaign against Sweden in 1719. Utilizing Russian language sources and examining the campaign, the article presents a more balanced historical interpretation of the event. Article abstract (33K PDF)

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