Hyatt Alum's Career Advice

At Grand Hyatt San Francisco, it’s Irish’s job to delight her guests. Here, she answers your questions, and shares her inside expertise on how to succeed in the hotel industry.

JWU Hospitality alumnus Irish Robles

Grand Hyatt San Francisco
Irish Robles ‘06, sales lead manager

What makes Hyatt stand out in hospitality?
I chose to stick with Hyatt because they are very family-oriented, and send out the great positive atmosphere I love to be around.

What's the most important quality employers look for?
The “hospitality attitude." For example, when a person walks into an interview, they automatically send out an aura around them that makes the other person smile and feel welcomed.

You can’t train a person always to have a positive attitude. It’s a natural personality trait. You either have it or you don’t.

What do you learn on internships (that you can’t learn in class)?
Diversity in the workplace, whether you’re physically cleaning rooms, bussing tables or in the office sending out emails. The workplace is always made up of many different backgrounds, coming from different races, ages, etc.

But there’s one goal in the hospitality industry and that’s to always delight the guest. They can keep that loyalty they have with you, and of course the hotel, and continue to come back to you every time they’re in town.

What's your advice to JWU graduates?
Knowing that I just came from where you are now, all I have to say is: be true to yourself in your personal and professional life.

Your career is not an obligation. It’s your choice. Only you can overcome the many different challenges in your life.