Electronics Engineering Course Listing, Robotic Engineering Technology Track

A four-year program for two-year Robotic Engineering Technology program graduates.

First two years    
Associate in Science Degree in Robotic Engineering Technology 98.5
ENGN1040 Digital Electronics II 4.5
ENGN2020 Transform Methods for Engineering 4.5
ENGN2030 Electronic Communications and Lab 4.5
ENGN2040 Solid State II: Electronic Circuits and Lab 6.0
ENGN3030 Instrumentation & Process Control 6.0
ENGN3050 Logic Design 4.5
ENGN4030 Digital Signal Processing 4.5
CAD3000 Engineering Graphics and Lab 6.0
CAR0010 Career Capstone 1.0
CSIS2050 Advanced Programming 4.5
PRMG2010 Introduction to Project Management 4.5
Courses with a TECX designation selected from the offerings within the School of Technology* 9.0
LEAD2001 Foundations of Leadership Studies 4.5
MATH1040 Calculus I 4.5
MATH1041 Calculus II 4.5
MATH2042 Calculus III 4.5
MATH2043 Ordinary Differential Equations 4.5
PHIL3020 Crisis and Controversy: a Critical Thinking Approach 4.5
PHIL3040 Ethics of Business Leadership 4.5
PYSC2001 Introductory Psychology 4.5
SCI1021 General Chemistry 4.5
SCI2012 Physics II and Lab 4.5
SOC2001 Sociology I 4.5
History One HIST-designated course (except HIST4030) 4.5
Total Credits      111.25
Four-Year Credit Total     209.75 

*Students should consult with their academic advisor

NOTES: Students must have MATH1030 (Precalculus) or equivalent to enroll in MATH1040.

Students must earn a performance transcript writing assessment of “validated” or “mastered” in order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Study Abroad programs may satisfy a variety of History, Sociology and English requirements. Visit the Study Abroad Office for details.