JWU Crime Scene Institute named Best Criminal Justice Program in Florida

Established on JWU's North Miami Campus in 2004, the Crime Scene Institute (CSI) was named the best criminal justice program in Florida by Florida Leader magazine.

Equipped with 12 microscopes, a computer and flat screen television, fuming chamber, specimen collection kits, master firearms detection kits, fingerprinting and casting equipment, as well as digital cameras and Blue Max Standard Forensic lights, the CSI lab is the only one of its kind within the university. 

In the CSI, Criminal Justice students develop their skills in evidence collection, such as hair and fluid samples, learn fingerprinting techniques as well as how to use casting materials for tires and footprints, gunshot residue detection equipment and a fuming chamber used for lifting finger prints and other identifying markings from collected evidence.

The mock crime scene area is one in which students set up the crime scene reenacting homicides, burglaries and computer related crimes. It has also been used in the reenactment of an "Active Shooter on Campus" scenario, which involved members of the North Miami Police Department. Students also work closely with the North Miami Police in programs such as community policing, child safety, and fingerprinting.

Not only is the CSI designed to provide students with the most practical hands-on training in Florida, but several of the program's faculty are members of local law enforcement agencies. They bring invaluable experience into the classroom.

The CSI also allows each student the chance to further their skills and develop the techniques needed to advance their career goals.