Frequently Asked Questions Master

I am on an internship now, but didn't check in. What do I do? Go to jwuLink to view holds on your record. If a department has placed a hold, contact them as soon as possible to find out what you are required to do. You must check in to receive academic credit for your internship and remain an enrolled student.

What is a FAFSA? Do I need to complete a new one each year? Yes. In order to receive any financial aid, all students must complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the US Department of Education.

When is the best time to apply for aid? The FAFSA or renewal FAFSA should be completed as soon as possible after January 1st each year for the upcoming academic year. The priority filing deadline is Mar 1.

What is Johnson & Wales University's federal school code? JWU's school code is 003404.

How can I be considered independent when I file for aid? To be considered independent, you must answer, 'yes', to at least one of questions #52-58 on the FAFSA.

I already filled out the FAFSA, why are you requesting my/my parent's tax transcripts? Once you file for financial aid, if selected, we are required by the government to perform a process called verification. This compares the information submitted on your FAFSA with information contained on your tax transcript.

I only wanted financial aid, why am I getting a loan? Loans are considered financial aid. Financial aid packages can be made up of scholarships, grants and loans.

Do you have athletic scholarships? Johnson & Wales University does not have athletic scholarships.

Some outside scholarship web sites want me to send them money, should I? No, skip those sites. There are sites available without charge.

What type of credit cards do you accept? The university accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Can I make my payment via a wire transfer? Yes, contact Student Financial Services or International Services for instructions. Alternatively, Johnson & Wales University has partnered with peerTransfer to offer an innovative way to streamline online international education payments.

What is Tuition Management Systems (TMS)? TMS is an outside service used by the University to provide a means for online payments, ACH and monthly payment plans to cover the annual balance. Service and enrollment fees are required.

How and when can I get a refund? You may request a refund after the fourth week of each term. Refund requests are now automated and available through your jwuLink account (Financial tab, under My Statement).

How do I get my payment back if I do not enter school? It is the student's responsibility to notify the university that he/she is withdrawing from either a course or from the university. The official notice must be done in person or by written notice through Student Academic & Financial Services. The date of notice by the student will be used for credit purposes. Refunds, if applicable, are calculated using date of notification to Student Academic & Financial Services.

I'm withdrawing, how do I get a refund? Notify Student Academic & Financial Services of your withdrawal. Any possible refund will be automatically mailed 30 days after date of withdrawal notification is updated on the student's record.

What are Term Start requirements? In order to enroll for any term, you must meet all University Term Start requirements: all payments, necessary Financial Aid paperwork, Health Services forms, and International documentation must be current.

How do I know if I've satisfied all requirements for the upcoming term? Check your holds in jwuLink beginning 3 days after each term's payment due date to see if any holds have been placed. If you do not have any holds that prevent you from attending class for the upcoming term, you are in good standing. If you do have a hold, you must contact the issuing department to clear the hold in order to attend your courses in the upcoming term.

What happens if I do not meet a requirement? A hold will be placed on your account that may prevent you from registering for or attending classes. If you do not clear your hold before classes start, you will not be permitted to attend courses.

What is the orientation fee? The orientation fee is required of all new, day division students for orientation activities.

When are bills/invoices sent out? An annual invoice is mailed once a year to all students, as well as before the winter, spring and summer term, if applicable.

Where will my invoice (for each term) be mailed? Make sure your address is updated in jwuLink.

Why doesn't all my financial aid show on my invoice? Some financial aid, such as outside scholarships, state grants and work-study, is not shown as anticipated credits on the invoice. When funds are received from the outside agency or state grant program they will be applied to the account. Students must earn work-study funds as they work at their assigned job; funds are given directly to the student.

If I sign a residence hall contract but never move in, am I still responsible for the charges? If the housing contract is signed, no matter what the circumstances, the student is responsible for the fees unless Residential Life releases the student from the contract.