Emergency Management

JWU has established an Office of Emergency Management, and designated all-hazard crisis management teams to develop plans for a variety of emergency challenges and direct/coordinate JWU’s emergency management function to provide effective crisis preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery measures.

Emergency Management team members receive National Incident Management System (NIMS) training and participate in drills and exercises with local emergency service providers in the campus area.

Prepare for Emergencies
If an emergency requires normal campus operations to be put on hold, you will be informed by university personnel (be they faculty, residential life coordinators and assistants or other academic and administrative staff).

It is assumed that non-resident students will want to return to the safety of their own homes, and you will be allowed to do so if possible. JWU administration will work with local and state officials to determine further action for resident students.

If you must evacuate campus, wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket, pillow, flashlight, prescription medications and any valuable belongings. Place all items left in the room on top of your bed, chest or closet. Unplug everything except your micro fridge.

Refer to these sites for more information:

Emergency Procedures
Effective emergency response requires the coordinated efforts of students, staff, and faculty. Each member of the JWU community should be prepared to act promptly when faced with an emergency.

The Emergency Management Plan contains information on building evacuation procedures; emergency responses related to explosions, hazardous materials releases, active shooters, and other threatening situations; and actions that should be taken if the campus is in “lockdown.”

This information can be found on the university’s public folders (_Emergency Procedures>Providence Campus>JWU Emergency Plan and Procedures), or you may request that a paper copy be provided to you at Campus Safety and Security.

Do your part and read/familiarize yourself with all of these documents. You may want to print copies of the “Emergency Quick Reference Procedures” and Emergency Evacuations and Rally Points” to have handy at all times when you are on campus.

Emergency Notification System
JWU has emergency communication capability through university's emergency notification system. This multi-contact emergency message system allows us to send important emergency instructions to all participating students simultaneously.

The system uses all the contact phone numbers provided by our students during registration for classes.

Students Anytime your contact information changes (new cell phone, new number), you are expected to update your information so that you can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

  1. Login to jwuLink
  2. On the Home tab, under Personal Information, click Update addresses and phones.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions

Contact Student Academic Services if you need help updating your information.

Faculty & Staff Update your phone numbers by email.

Emergency Alerts
Should an incident (natural or man-made) occur on or near campus, we will post relevant information at Providence Alerts when appropriate, jwuLink “Emergency Alerts” and @JWUAlertPVD.

Alert Information Line
Call 401-598-5555 to hear announcements about inclement weather cancellations and other important information regarding interruptions in normal Providence Campus activities.

Harborside Campus Emergency Siren Warning System
JWu’s outdoor Emergency Siren Warning System (ESWS) is also a siren site of the Port of Providence emergency siren warning system. It is strategically placed to provide life-threatening emergency messages to the campus community and nearby neighbors if such an event should affect the area.

If a life threatening emergency occurs and the ESWS is activated, Campus Safety & Security or authorized City of Providence officials will activate the system. The activation will consist of an alert tone, followed by a voice message regarding the nature of the emergency.

Additionally, JWU will utilize its emergency telephone notification system to provide further information via telephone.

Inclement Weather Safety
In making a determination to close or delay the opening of academic classes and functions and/or administrative offices, the senior management team shall review a number of principles. Please review them here.