Emergency Management

The North Miami Campus has established an emergency management team (EMT) and plans for a variety of emergency challenges. Our team receives National Incident Management System (NIMS) training and participates in drills with local emergency service providers in the area.

Emergency Alerts
Our multi-contact emergency message system allows you to receive important emergency instructions. To get emergency alerts, simply provide your phone number when you register for classes or update your phone number. To learn how, read Updating your Emergency Contact Information (253K PDF).

Parents, students and staff may also check emergency alerts or call 305-892-7598.

Emergency Preparation If an emergency requires normal campus operations to be put on hold, you will be informed by university personnel (be they faculty, residential life coordinators and assistants or other academic and administrative staff).

It is assumed that non-resident students will want to return to the safety of their own homes, and you will be allowed to do so if possible. From that point on, university administration will work with local and state officials to determine further action for resident students.

If you must evacuate campus, wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket, pillow, flashlight, prescription medications and any valuable belongings. Place all items left in the room on top of your bed, chest or closet. Unplug everything except your micro fridge.

We will have additional bedding and food supplies on hand, in the unlikely event that you are required to remain at one gathering point or at the university’s evacuation center for any length of time.

Make a personal prepardness plan

Miami-Dade Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program.
When disasters occur, people need to evacuate their homes quickly to get to a safe location. Due to their medical or other conditions, some Miami-Dade County residents will need assistance to do this. The Special Needs & Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program (PSN/EEAP) has been developed for County residents who need help when an emergency evacuation is necessary. For more information on this program please follow this link. http://www.miamidade.gov/fire/evacuation-program.asp This link also provides the applications and instructions to qualify for the program. Please follow all of the instructions carefully.