Accelerated Programs

JWU offers a number of accelerated programs in both culinary arts and baking and pastry arts to get students started on a rewarding career path.

Advanced Standing
If you already have some industry experience (including food service experience in the military), you can get your associate degree in 12 months through our Advanced Standing program.

Garnish Your Degree
If you have a bachelor's degree, our Garnish Your Degree program will teach you the fundamentals, principles and techniques of culinary arts or baking and pastry arts, enabling you to earn an associate degree in just 12 months.

FAST Track for High School Students
If your high school or approved tech-prep program has an approved articulation agreement with JWU, we offer an opportunity to earn credits toward a JWU degree while you're still in high school through our Freshman Advanced Study Track (FAST).

To learn more about these programs, consult your campus of interest in Providence, North Miami, Denver or Charlotte.