Emergency Procedures FAQ

How will I know when emergency procedures are in effect?
You will be informed by university personnel — including deans, faculty members, residence directors, residence assistants, and other administrative staff — if or when JWU emergency procedures are activated.

If emergency procedures are in effect, what should I do?
You should follow all instructions given by official university personnel, quickly and completely. What you will be asked to do will be incident-dependent —meaning that different actions will be requested depending on the type of emergency situation.

If I'm a resident student, should I return to my residence hall for my belongings?
If you are instructed to return to your hall prior to any other action, please do so. You should limit personal items to a blanket, small pillow, flashlight, and cell phone. If you are taking prescription medication, you should bring that with you as well. You may be instructed to go immediately to one of the official gathering sites. JWU recommends that you keep a small, working flashlight, your cell phone and a small supply of prescription medication with you at all times.

If I’m a commuter student, where should I go?
All students should follow the instructions of official university personnel. If so instructed, you may return to your car and leave the campus. If you do so, you should listen to and follow the instructions being given to the general public by state and local officials. If the university has been instructed to keep all personnel in a secure campus location, you should proceed with your fellow students to one of the designated locations. 

What happen once we gather in an official JWU location?
Depending on the incident, one of three things may happen: you may shelter in place for a time; the university may implement evacuation proceedings on the recommendations of state and local officials; or, you may be allowed to leave after an appropriate waiting period.

What will happen in the case of evacuation?
JWU has designated evacuation shelters. If the order is given to evacuate, students may be directed to proceed to university transportation in an orderly manner; you will then be taken to the appropriate location.

What can I do to help?
The most important thing you can do is remain calm, listen to and follow all official university directions, and offer help to others if asked. JWU has well-trained personnel and comprehensive procedures in place.

In the unlikely event of either a natural or man-made disaster, the university will be in continuous contact with local, state and/or federal officials and will implement plans accordingly. We believe that preparation for all situations is the most responsible and appropriate course of action to ensure the combined safety and well-being of our students. 

Establish a family communication plan. Be it by land line, cell phone, pager or email, develop a plan that will work for your family too. It will provide you with much-needed peace of mind should any sort of emergency arise. And program In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts into your cell phone.