Network Storage

All students are given access to a network drive space for class-related work.  This drive is only accessible from computer labs machines and provides a secure storage space for data which is backed up regularly.  Data recovery may be possible by contacting the University Help Desk.  Data is accessible for 90 days after graduation for students with active accounts.

  • Student home drive shows up as Z: when you log into the network on a computer lab machine (double click “My Computer” on the desktop)
  • You are limited to 50MB of server storage space
  • Cannot store illegal or illegally obtained/copyrighted material there
  • Data stored there should be considered convenient "working copies" (nothing archival or static in nature should be there)
  • Data is only available from computer lab machines and cannot be accessed from home, ResNet, or the web
  • If you transfer out of JWU Charlotte, or to another school, your student home directory is removed (data does not transfer from campus to campus as other campuses do not have this service)