Standard formats allow us to communicate with one professional and unified voice. Approved stationery formats are shown on the following pages for letterhead, envelopes, business cards, memos and fax forms. All JWU correspondence must use these approved designs and formats as depicted.

Standards Business CardBusiness Cards
Stationery and business card templates adhere to the same rules of use as university identifiers. Personalized stationery with the university seal is reserved for the chancellor emeritus, the chairman of the board and the university president. All other stationery and business cards use the university logo.

Executive-level stationery, for vice presidents, deans and higher-level positions, uses the university logo and a personalized name and title imprint. All other academic and administrative departments use the university logo without a personalized imprint. (See examples in the Stationery section below).

NOTE: Letterhead must include the four current campuses in the footer, in chronological order of openings along with other appropriate information.

Orders for letterhead, envelopes and business cards must be placed with campus procurement offices.

The letterhead templates listed below are now available on the university J drive. Only JWU staff and faculty can access these files, from a JWU-networked computer. The path is:

\\jwu.edu\providence\Creative Services Group\External Shared Folders\Standards\Letterhead

  • University: fax, letter (university and dept), memo (university, dept, and vp memo)
  • Providence: fax, letter (campus and dept), memo (campus, dept, and vp memo)
  • North Miami: fax, letter (campus and dept), memo (campus, dept, and vp memo)
  • Denver: fax, letter (campus and dept), memo (campus, dept, and vp memo)
  • Charlotte: fax, letter (campus and dept), memo (campus, dept, and vp memo)

PowerPoint presentations are another opportunity to create a positive university experience for external and internal audiences. The consistent use of templates reinforces a professional image while facilitating the transfer of information.

  • Option 1: Image introduction, medium text, with light background
  • Option 2: Image introduction, medium text, with blue background
  • Option 3: Mostly text, with blue background

Brochure templates provide guidelines for designing publications.

Newsletter templates provide guidelines for newsletter layouts.