JWU signage includes building identification signs, wall murals, street banners, event signage and other exterior and interior visual elements.

To save time and money on these typically large and expensive projects, departments and campuses are asked to work proactively with the university’s Design Review Committee on preliminary drawings and follow-through. All signage design proofs must be forwarded for approval preproduction to Ed Pereira, art director, university design & editorial services, 401-598-2362.

Consistently applied standards help the university communicate its identity and allow visual flexibility such as using the university crest as a graphic element in a design. (The university seal must not be used on signage.)

Signage colors must always be the primary university colors, blue (PMS 662) and white, with the primary accent of gold (PMS 124). PMS colors are listed within the Color Palette section. In addition, the design, typeface and material selections must be consistent for all campus applications. The following examples provide templates for applying university identity standards to these specific media.

Property & Building Signage
Street & Building Banners
Parking & Facility Signage
Room & Area Signage
Vehicle Graphics