Standards Photo Professor

Images used in Johnson & Wales University (JWU) publications or on the website must be of the highest quality available and portray the dynamic and personal nature of JWU, its students, programs and facilities. Photographs should feature the following in horizontal and vertical formats:

  • action and interaction (e.g., faculty and students)
  • visually pleasing campus environments
  • diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, age and physical disability)
  • globally-oriented programs
  • commitment to community service
  • student life
  • alumni involvement
  • executive leadership
  • experiential education and career-focused experiences (hands-on learning)

Quality images add value to communications, while low resolution or poorly composed photographs detract from the message and the design.

The following guidelines are intended to help create photographs that are clear and properly composed, and that contribute to the positive image of JWU.

Whenever possible a professional photographer should be hired to capture an image for a specific publication or to document an event. Project managers should know exactly what they want shot and have a full understanding of the shooting locations and environments to expedite the process. Use the Professional Creative Services Contract (444K PDF) with the photographer to spell out your needs. (See Forms and Contracts for more information.)

For more information about photography for print and the web, contact Lisa Kaufman, photography services coordinator, university design & editorial services, 401-598-2362.

Forms and Contracts