Colors & Fonts

Web Colors
RGB colors are generally for web use only. When trying to replicate JWU colors in webpages and banner ads, please refer to the colors below, in addition to white. These combinations are the general equivalents to the PMS colors used in JWU’s identity:

  • Blue: Hex=#052C97; R=5, G=44, B=151
  • White: Hex=#FFFFFF; R=255, G=255, B=255
  • Gold: Hex=#F8C600; R=255, G=199, B=0
  • Warm Grey: Hex=#9E948D; R=158, G=148, B=141
  • Light Cream: Hex=#FBF7EC; R=251, G=247, B=236

Web Fonts
Verdana is the official JWU website font. It is used in all body content, headers and footers, as well as navigation menus:

  • H1: Verdana, bold, 14px, #031851, title case
  • H2: Verdana, bold, 12px, #333333, title case
  • Body text: Verdana, normal, 11px, #333333
  • Body text hyperlinks: Verdana, normal, 11px, #003399
  • Footer: Verdana, normal, 9px, #999999
  • Italics: Only used for titles of publications

Gill Sans is used only in targeted areas as a graphic, to further strengthen the JWU identity.