Rules and Regulations

All computer lab equipment is university property and falls under the Johnson & Wales University property guidelines and the Computer & Technology Use Policy. Due to the large number of users accessing computer labs, the following rules and regulations must be followed to ensure a quality experience for all.

1. For security purposes, all users must log in with their university assigned username and password. If a username is not known, or a password is invalid, please see a Computer Lab Team member on duty immediately. Access to computer lab machines will not be permitted until this problem has been resolved. 

All users must log off the system after they are finished using the computer. To do so, simply click the start button and select “Log Off.” Before leaving, ensure the system completely logs you off and shows the log on screen for the next user.

2. No user will be allowed to download software on computer lab machines. The programs installed are to accommodate users with university-related coursework.

3. Do not save your work on any of the hard drives. The computers are automatically cleaned and unauthorized files, directories and programs are routinely deleted. Users must bring their own media or work from their Z Drive (student network storage space). All computer lab workstations have antivirus software installed to prevent infected media from being used on the machines. If you suspect or discover that your media has a virus, do not use it in the computer lab. You may see a Computer Lab Team member on duty for assistance in cleaning your media. 

4. All users are able to print to “Print Release Stations” located throughout campus that are set to default on the workstations in each computer lab. No transparencies or special papers will be allowed in the network laser printers. Please limit your printing. If you need to print from the Internet and don't know how long a document is, download it to your media first and check to see how long it is. Those who print excessively will be addressed. After a third infraction, printing privileges will be removed.

Computer Lab printers are not copy machines… please do not waste paper! If you need multiple copies of documents, please visit Printing & Mailing Services on the third floor of the Academic Center.

5. Food, beverages and tobacco products are not allowed in computer labs at any time.

6. Collaborative work and quiet conversations are encouraged, but please refrain from loud talking, laughter or music.

No cell phone calls are allowed in computer labs at any time. You must step outside the computer lab to conduct a phone call.

7. Users desiring to listen to music or any audio on the computers must use headphones.

8. If others are waiting to use the computer, please do not use the Internet for recreational purposes.

9. Please see a Computer Lab Team member on duty or contact the University Help Desk toll free at 1-866-JWU-HELP (1-866-598-4357) for technical assistance.

10. Any equipment malfunction within a computer lab should be reported to a Computer Lab Team member on duty or the University Help Desk toll free at 1-866-JWU-HELP (1-866-598-4357) immediately. Please DO NOT attempt to fix the problem. In order for the problem to be corrected, one of the above sources must be aware that there is a problem. Please help out all users within the computer lab by following this simple step.

Information Technology (IT) is not responsible for items left in computer labs or the loss of documents/files due to power failures, computer hardware/software failures, network difficulties and/or users not periodically saving their work.

Computer Lab Team members offer limited assistance on software supported by IT. They can only help users access supported software installed on the network. Users needing detailed assistance on departmental specific software should contact the instructor requiring use of the software. Computer Lab Team members are not responsible if they cannot recover lost files or fix damaged media.

Computer Lab Team members are instructed to enforce all rules and regulations, provide technical assistance and report problems. Users, who disrupt operations, disturb other users or fail to observe these rules and regulations will be asked to leave the computer lab. Refusal to cooperate will result in removal by Campus Safety & Security and loss of privileges to use computer lab facilities.

Download the Computer Lab Rules & Regulations (44K PDF)