Criminal Justice

From heightened national security to concerns about corporate accountability, our changing world has created a high demand for well-trained law enforcement professionals.

The criminal justice degree program at the Denver Campus can prepare you for a wide variety of police work at the local, national and federal levels. These include careers in court administration, private investigation, airport security and social services, or as a federal agent, police officer or border patrol agent, among others.

Through the program, you will:

  • Learn from professionals experienced in law, criminal justice and forensic science technology
  • Gain experience using police and other forensic science investigation equipment in our dedicated criminal justice lab
  • Work with a faculty advisor and career coach to develop a plan tailored to your career goals
  • Acquire the communication, logic, critical thinking and ethical reasoning skills essential for the understanding of criminal justice issues and for effective career progression
  • Develop an appreciation for diversity, citizenship, leadership, science and technology, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and social and business culture
  • Gain real-world experience in the field and build your resume through an internship in your field of interest
  • Customize your degree with an Arts & Sciences concentration or pursue a collection of criminal justice electives which target your interests and goals

Whether competing for your first job, or to advance your career, you’ll find that criminal justice employers are looking for candidates with a bachelor of science degree. Explore JWU and start pursuing your passion for criminal justice at our Denver Campus.

Master’s Degree to Advance Your Career
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