Frequently Asked Questions

Printing & Mailing Services can help with printing, copying and mailing questions.

img FCM Woodtype CLT 170x150

Do you have special paper (for example, for restaurant menus)?
Yes, Printing & Mailing Services has a variety of paper stocks to enhance the look of your document.

I need to print a picture from my camera. Can you help?
Yes, bring your SD card and we can print for you in many sizes and paper options.

Where can I find tabs for my project?
Come to Printing & Mailing Services. You can print directly on tabs.

Can you print my personal project?
Yes. Printing & Mailing Services can print in color, black & white, coil, oversize print and foam board.

Where can I have my mail sent out?
Printing & Mailing Services makes daily mail runs, sells stamps and ships packages for the same amount you’d pay at the post office.

I am having mail/packages sent to me. What address should I use?
Printing & Mailing Services cannot accept packages/mail for students. You must have it addressed to your residence hall.

Can I send and receive faxes at Printing & Mailing Services?
Yes. Faxing and copying a single page costs the same amount: 5¢.

I need a file printed and made into a brochure. Can you help?
Yes. Printing & Mailing Services has a high-quality network color printer. Bring in your file, choose a paper type (glossy is a favorite) and you'll have a full color brochure in minutes for under a dollar.

My recipes are getting wet and dirty. Can I get them laminated?
Yes. Get your letter, legal, and tabloid-size documents laminated at Printing & Mailing Services.