Business Studies

Our Business Studies* bachelor of science degree provides you with a broad understanding of the key issues facing the business world.

This two-year program is for students who have earned an associate degree in any subject area other than management. If you meet these requirements, earn your degree in half the time and launch your management career. 

AS degree (or equivalent) with 90.0 transfer credits
ENG1001 An Introduction to Literary Genres
ENG1020 English Composition
ENG1030 Communication Skills
FIT1000 Information Technology for Business Professionals I
Math: One Math course, MATH1002 level or higher
Science: One Science course
Social Science: One Sociology, Psychology or Political Science course

*Formerly Management (accelerated)
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My Faculty Fave: Dr. Fran Cook

"My relationship with Dr. Cook is much more meaningful than a basic student-teacher affiliation — ­every conversation is between peers." read more