Developing Applications to Transform Healthcare

Kadian Smith says his technology degree from Johnson & Wales University has made him an invaluable asset to a national movement in the healthcare industry.

After all, if you want a job that’s safe even in bad economic times, it’s smart to build skills that are rare, in demand and in an industry that will be around for a long time.

Kadian Smith '03Technology and Healthcare: A Good Match
At JWU, Kadian absorbed all he could in his engineering and programming courses, such as C++ and Java. And he honed his skills in application integration at Care New England.

Now, Kadian’s at Children’s Hospital Boston, working as an Application Development Specialist.

The skills he built at JWU, Kadian says, mesh neatly with the push in the healthcare information industry to digitize medical records.

Changing the Way Healthcare Works
“One of the propositions of the Obama administration is to make patients’ medical records electronically available,” says Kadian.

At Children’s Hospital, Kadian manages and integrates health information systems to share patients’ health records in real time.

“If a patient is seen in the ED (emergency department), that patient’s records can also be accessed in the pharmacy, radiology and cardiology departments simultaneously,” he says.

Access saves time and effort for hospitals and other healthcare providers. With nationwide digital access to patients’ records, providers gain approval for services faster and treat patients sooner. Reimbursements from insurance companies also take less time.

“The turnaround would be quicker, because everything would be electronic instead of paper trails and phone calls,” says Kadian.