Pre-Arrival and Arrival Checklists

Pre-Arrival Checklist
Make sure these requirements are complete before you leave your home country.

1) Apply for admission.
2) Pay your one-time SEVIS fee to the US government.
3) Apply for your F-1 student visa.
3b) If you have dependents, apply for your F-2 visa.
4) Plan your travel using our posted arrival calendars.
5) Submit your travel plans to JWU.
6) Complete all health requirements and submit proper documentation.
7) Sign up for health insuranceor opt out if you have coverage.
8) Pay your tuition, room and board, and various fees.
9) Make sure your dependents have health insurance (if applicable).
10) Find housing.

Arrival Checklist
Follow these steps to help your arrival in the US run smoothly.

1) How to get through Immigration, and where to go when you arrive.
2) What to do if your flight is delayed or arrives after hours.
3) How to reserve your hotel.

How Do I…
Transfer to JWU?
Apply for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program?
Make sure I’m considered a full-time student?
Work in the US?
Take a term off during the academic year?
Understand the rules of my F-1 visa?
Familiarize myself with the new I-94 process?

Glossary of Terms

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