Immigration and Employment Checklists

Immigration Regulations Checklist
What you need to know to remain in F-1 status and eligible for all International student benefits set forth by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Questions? Ask your international student advisor.

1) Attend the school for which you are authorized.
2) Maintain your F-1 status by keeping your passport and I-20 valid at all times.
3) Carry a full course of study every term from September-May.
4) Follow proper procedures if you need to take a term off.
5) Update your I-20 when any information on it changes.
6) Traveling outside the US? Obtain a travel signature + make sure travel documents are in order.
7) Report address changes to our office and USCIS within 10 days of a move.
8) File an income tax return by April 15 for each year you are in the US.
9) Know your options as you prepare to complete academic programs or related training.

Employment Checklist
F-1 students in full-time status may work on campus without applying to USCIS for work authorization.

Employment: Obtain proper authorization before you engage in any kind of work.
Curricular Practical Training: Process for taking part in internships.
Optional Practical Training: Process for getting work experience in your field.
Economic Hardship: Apply for work authorization in the event of economic difficulty.
Employment Authorization Document (EAD): Obtain an EAD before starting work.
Social Security Number (SSN): Apply for a social security number before starting work.

How Do I...
Extend my I-20?
Get a driver’s license?
Renew my F-1 visa?
Apply for OPT?
Get a Social Security number?
Change my address if I move to a new apartment?
Make sure I’m considered a full-time student?
Work off campus?
Take a term off?
Familiarize myself with the new I-94 process?

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