If you are interested in living on campus, please contact the Office of Residential Life. They handle all issues related to on-campus housing, including housing contracts and reservation deposits.

What to Bring
North Miami has hot summers and mild winters. Bring clothing that you can easily layer. Residential Life has a list of recommended items to bring.

Off-campus Housing
The International Center will assist you in the process of securing off-campus housing. Most students are placed in an apartment within two days of their arrival.

If you are signing a lease, make sure that you understand all of the terms. Once the lease is signed, you are legally responsible for all of the rules and conditions contained within it. A lease is strictly between the student and the landlord or rental agency.

For more information about off-campus housing (including leases), contact the Office of Residential Life.

Furniture Some apartments are furnished, but most of them need to be furnished by the student. Before purchasing furniture, consider how long you will need it and what you will do with it when you leave. Used furniture outlets are located near the university.

Utilities Most landlords ask that you pay for your own utilities, which usually include heat, electricity, telephone and cable.

Monthly rental costs range from $750 to $1400/month depending on location, services and how many students will share the apartment.