Tuition and Fees

You are responsible for your tuition and fees during your stay at Johnson & Wales University, as well as room, board, books, visa fees, incidentals and travel costs.

For a full breakdown of tuition costs, room and board fees, and payment options, visit Student Financial Services.

While you can pay your fees before or after you arrive, you will not be able to start your classes until after you pay your tuition fees. Wire transfers can take several days, and can delay the start of your program if they do not arrive at JWU before your classes begin.

Room and board fees are paid directly to Student Financial Services. Payment can be made before or upon arrival; a payment plan must be put in place before the start of classes.

Your payment can be paid through one of the following options. Please do not mail cash.

1. Issue a check or bank draft (in US currency) payable to Johnson & Wales University. Please be sure that your name and JWU Student ID number is noted on the check. 

The payment can be mailed to: 
Johnson & Wales University
Attn: Student Financial Services
1701 NE 127th Street
North Miami, FL 33181

2. To make a credit card payment online go to Afford.com and type in the campus and state at which you will be studying; use your J# to make a payment. For phone payments, call Student Financial Services at +1 305-892-7006.

3. Make online international education payments through your bank, using JWU’s partner, peerTransfer.

Alternatively, it is also possible to submit payment by wire transfer; contact Student Financial Services or International Services for instructions.