Hotel Stay

Prior to moving into a university residence hall, new international students have the option of staying for up to two complimentary nights at one of the following hotels: Radisson, Stapleton or DoubleTree. Reservations are required; you must complete and return your travel request form (21K PDF) by the required due date for your incoming term.

If you stay in the hotel for more than two nights, you will have to pay for each additional night. Please note that if you arrive prior to or after the hotel availability dates, transportation and housing services will only be available on a limited basis.

Family or friends who want to stay at a JWU hotel facility may reserve a room, if available, but this will not be considered part of the complimentary stay extended to new international students. New students who choose to stay in the same room with family or friends will be responsible for the full cost of the room.

Once you secure a residence hall assignment or off-campus apartment, you will be directed as to when to check out.

Hotel Availability
Fall Term: Aug 31-Sept 1
Winter Term: Nov 26-27
Spring Term: Mar 3-4, 2012