Maintaining F-1 Status

If you are not able to complete your program by the program completion date listed on your I-20, you must file an extension of stay with the International Center. This involves filling out an International Student Request Form (159K PDF) and providing a new bank statement for the estimated amount of money that you will need to cover the tuition and living costs necessary to finish your academic program.

You must file your program extension request together with supporting financial documentation prior to the program completion date listed on your I-20. Failure to process a request for extension of stay before your I-20 expires will cause you to lose your F-1 status and all of its benefits.

Change of Major
If you want to change your major, you must complete a student status or major change form. Major changes should be made in with an academic counselor located in Student Academic Services (SAS).

If you are a transfer student, your transfer credits must be re-evaluated by International Admissions before you change your major.

You must also obtain a new I-20 form from the International Center to reflect your new major.

Transferring Universities
If you wish to transfer to another academic institution in the US, consult with your international student advisor to see what steps are required to transfer your existing SEVIS government record.