Taking a Term Off

Step 1 You must go to SAS to fill out an inactive status notice. This ensures that you will not get billed for the time that you are out of the country.

Step 2 You will also need to fill out a Departure form (60K PDF) and submit it to International Student Services.

Step 3 Before you leave, we recommend that you get a status letter and your transcripts. If you are only taking off a single term, your international student advisor must sign page three of your I-20. When you are at home, obtain a new bank statement. You must also schedule your classes for the term that you are returning for and print out your schedule. Have these items with you upon your re-entry to the US.

Step 4 While you are at home, you must apply for readmittance to the university through Student Academic Services. (Make sure you indicate your intended return date.) Once the form has been processed, the International Center will send you an updated I-20 if necessary.

Step 5 If you need a new I-20 to re-enter the US, mail the following items to the International Center:

  • A letter stating your name, student ID number, mailing address and phone number in your home country. Please indicate the date that you wish to return to the university.
  • A new original bank statement proving finances for the amount on your I-20.
  • A copy (not an original) of your old I-20 form.

International Student Services/SAFS
Johnson & Wales University
801 West Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Step 6 When these documents have been received, your international student advisor will send a new I-20 to the address provided in your letter.

Immigration Rules during a Leave of Absence
If you think you might have to take a break from your schooling, the government site Study in the States offers comprehensive information and resources on immigration rules during a leave of absence.