Networking and Trend Forecasting Drive JWU's Global Professionals Forum

In association with the International Business Professionals of America (IBPA), JWU's Denver Campus recently hosted the Global Professionals Forum. Despite inclement weather conditions, the forum drew 73 attendees for seminars on international best practices presented by a variety of professionals from the local international business community.
Denver Global Professionals Forum Global Recruiting
"This year’s Global Professionals Forum event provided students with the opportunity to network with local industry professionals involved in international business. Several students were able to secure internship opportunities and many others were able to use the information that they learned in the workshops to assist them with their final project papers,” said Kelly Kasic, senior experiential education coordinator for JWU’s Denver Campus. "Overall, it was a tremendous success that brought our university recognition within the local international business community.”

During the event, Pam Erbes, a certified financial planner from Waddell & Reed, informed attendees about investing concepts that are reshaping our world’s economy.

Her colleague Wally Erbes shared knowledge about China and today’s investors. "To seek sustained growth in developing markets, we are focused on the 'infinite loop,' which is based on the world's economic needs and the companies that meet them. There are four themes that drive the infinite loop: raw materials and resources, innovation and transformation, great American companies, and global rebalancing — which is occurring because of the emerging middle class in developing countries and the need for global infrastructure," said Erbes.

Workshop topics covered new trends in investment strategies, how to start a business, social media for the global entrepreneur, and mitigating risk in the global marketplace. The forum provided an excellent opportunity to obtain high caliber content related to international business, to network with professionals in the field, and to recruit qualified JWU students for global-oriented businesses.

Other presenters included Rosie Branstetter (Fiveseed), Zach Frederick (Fredrick Export), Aaron Caplan (Perry International) and Roy Becker (Roy Becker Seminars).

Pictured: Certified financial planners Pam and Wally Erbes chat with a student.